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Princess Century - Minus Smile - Agnoma remix

The Nursery - Garrison - Sept 3 2016
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Wilton Said - Merry Go Round

Wilton Said - Merry Go Round


Maya Postepski - Wabi Sabi with Kate Young

Jigsaw Seen - Toronto

Maya Postepski - Sheughnessy With Abbe


Wilton Said - A Family Affair

Wilton Said - Bidlo - Claymation by Patricia Aldridge

Wilton Said - Heavy Motion

Maya Postepski - DJing Birthday Projections at The Burdock

Maya Postepski - Sunscream

Wilton Said - In A People Bar

Maya Postepski - Discoset

Wilton Said - Down

Rendezvous Maya Postepski Patricia Aldridge from Patricia Aldridge on Vimeo.

Music: Maya Postepski aka Princess Century, drummer for Austra and Trust
Video Patricia Aldridge

Rendezvous Comments from Patricia Aldridge on Vimeo.

Patricia Aldridge explains the story of Rendezvous and how she designed the concept for the video

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